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Sustainable Development

A Guide to Internet Resources in Sustainable Development

In3 is a private equity investment, market research and "venture catalyst"
network specializing in sustainable technology, product and service commercialization.Integrated Investments International

Internet Public Library for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Economy News

Environmental News Network

The European Ecological Network

The European Centre for Nature Conversation

a holistic management concept

The Holistic Management framework is summarized in what we refer to as the Holistic Management model. It falls short of what we conventionally think of as a model, in that it doesn't illustrate the flow of a process, merely the elements within it. To illustrate the relationships shared among the various elements – which would vary depending on the management or decision-making context – would require so many loops, lines and arrows, that we have merely stuck with the skeletal structure, the framework for holistic decision-making and management.

Environmental Finance Program US

about environment, business, bottom line

Global Development and Environmental Institute at Tufts University

Sustainable communities network – loads of wonderful links

Center for sustainable economics

center for electronic conferences


Among the challenges facing the world today, few are more damaging to our future than the degradation of the environment, the depletion of natural resources and the loss of biodiversity. With these challenges in mind, EcoLogic was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. EcoLogic's programs address the socio-economic causes of biodiversity loss-namely inequality and poverty in Latin America. Our challenge is to save the planet and improve the lives of its inhabitants.

This section provides a reference point for a number of definitions and key concepts associated with sustainable production and consumption. As we add to these references, we will link concepts to background resources and to the instruments which translate concepts into action.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development"Best website for information on sustainable development" Globescan Survey of Sustainability Experts

ICT and Training: A Proposal for an Ecological Model of InnovationThe process of innovation involves getting new ideas accepted and new technologies adopted and used. This paper considers the introduction of ICT in company training as an example of innovation. The question that must be addressed is: what factors inside and outside the company will support, and what factors will stand in the way of the adoption of these new methods? We argue that the acceptance of an innovation is affected as much by the complexity of the interactions between the people and the technology within an organization as by any supposedly objective characteristics of the innovation itself. In order to accommodate these complexities, and to provide a useful socio-technical perspective, an ecological model dealing with the interactions of human and non-human actors within a company ‘environment’ has been found to provide an effective viewpoint. This paper proposes and briefly elaborates such an ecological model.

Keywords: Company training, Ecological model, ICT, Innovation

Arthur Tatnall School of Information Systems, Victoria University Melbourne, Australia