I am a young, ambitious woman, ready to fully attack life. I am looking forward to working with open-minded people, who really want to make a difference by what they do. Are you appealed by this approach ? I am interested in any sort of collaboration, allowing me to live up to my potentials. What are my potentials ? Go find out.

I hope, you'll enjoy your stay.


personal data



First Name:



info @ gbitter.net

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University degree:

Master in Geography (University of Fribourg/CH), Minor in General Ecology (University of Bern/CH) and Economics (University of Fribourg/CH)


My mother tongue is German. When I began to learn English, I was really bad at it. But as time passed by I started to appreciate the international flair associated with the English language. So, I really got familiar with it, to a point that sometimes I almost forget my German.
When I lived in Denmark, I learned Danish and I was pretty fluent in it. But for the last 13 years, I haven’t had the occasion to pratice it and I am afraid that I have completely forgotten it .
I really started to learn French in France and I bugged everyone to correct me all the time. Thanks to them, I can now use it fluently.


mother tongue


fluent (written and spoken)


fluent (written and spoken)


passive language

long term stays in foreign countries

I moved a lot, as you can see in my timeline. I really appreciated my stays in foreign countries, learning to understand different cultures, trying hard to integrate at all levels. I am fascinated by people, by analyzing their behavior and by adapting mine in a way that they will accept me, though keeping my own personality:

France/Switzerland - Geneva:

1999 - 2005

Africa – Niger - Tahoua:

1994 – 1995

Switzerland - Fribourg:

1991 – 1994

France - Montpellier:

1990 – 1991

Utah - Provo:

1986 – 1987

Denmark - Copenhagen:

1984 – 1986

membership in professional associations

Since I decided to bring up my children before getting active in renumerated work life, I am a member in two different associations related to my professional interest. These are:

e5 – European Business Council for a Sustainable Energy Future

Head office Administration and Business Opportunities.



WWF Suisse – The Conservation Organization




I love human contacts. I can spend a lot of time just listening to interesting people, trying to understand their background.

I also love to push and to get pushed. In other terms: I like coaching and being coached. I like to be good at what I am doing, while having fun doing it.

This means, I am really into:

human contacts

understanding of different civilizations

singing together

discussion with Touaregs in the Sahelzone


getting to know different cultures

organizing events

dinner with a touareg familly


Geography party


learning languages


try to learn quickly...

moss in natural parc


horse back riding

I love foals